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Investigation of Interior Corrosion of Above-Ground Storage Tanks

Barry Hindin, PhD, PE Senior Principal Engineer Kiefner and Associates, Inc.   The Failure Analysis and Welding (FAW) group at Kiefner traditionally investigates the causes of failures of buried pipelines carrying various petroleum products ranging from crude oil, refined liquid products, natural gas and its condensates. However, […]
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Geo-hazard Monitoring of Pipelines using Strain Gauges

Benjamin Zand, PhD, PE Principal Engineer Kiefner and Associates, Inc.   Introduction Pipelines are sometimes subjected to various geo-hazards such as long wall mining subsidence and slope movement.  A commonly practiced method to reduce stress in such situations is to expose the affected portion of a pipeline. […]
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Selective Seam Weld Corrosion – How Big is the Problem?

Michael Uloko, BSc, MSc Senior Engineer II (Pipeline) Kiefner and Associates, Inc.   What Is Selective Seam Weld Corrosion Selective seam weld corrosion (SSWC) is a type of corrosion that affects the bondline region and heat affected zone (HAZ) of the longitudinal seam of a pipeline forming […]
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