In Trench NDE Assessment Workshop


8:00 am - 4:00 pm


PRCI Technology Development Center
6410 Langfield Road Building J, Houston, TX, 77092
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When performing an excavation on a pipeline there is only one chance to gather specific characteristic information about the pipeline at that location. The specialized evaluation activities performed provide pipeline operators with specific information about the condition of the pipe and the environment in which the pipe resides. The value of specialized field services is in the quality of the information gathered and the certainty and magnitude of the integrity decisions that can be made from that information. This workshop is based on years of experience in the specialization of gathering techniques, qualification of field service personnel and the management of the specialized information gathered.


The workshop will be presented by Mr. Len Thompson who is the Senior Pipeline Integrity trainer at Applus RTD. Mr. Thompson has a 30 year career in the pipeline construction, integrity and training industry. He has been involved the training, development and use of NDE techniques for on and offshore pipeline construction and drilling activities, power plant inspections and the mining industry. He is currently involved in training and development of the Applus RTD field technicians in performing Pipeline Integrity Verification Programs.

Overview and Logistics

The workshop will be presented Thursday, December 3rd at the PRCI Technology Development Center located at 6410 Langfield Road Building J Houston, TX 77092. Lectures and demonstrations will be held from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Each participant is provided with a course notebook containing copies of the slides and viewgraphs. 7 pdu’s are given for attending the workshop (certificate provided).

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