Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference


2:15 pm - 3:00 pm


Marriott Westchase Hotel
2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston, TX, 77042
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At the Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference, some of Kiefner’s specialists will be giving a lecture on the following topic:

Validating ILI Accuracy Using Spatial in-ditch Scanning  Measurements

by Harvey Haines, Lucinda Smart, and Ben Wright, Kiefner & Associates, Inc., USA

This paper looks at using spatially recorded metal-loss data collected in-the-ditch to measure the accuracy of ILI tool results.  Spatially-mapped metal loss, because  all of the corrosion area is mapped, has the advantage of allowing more comparisons to be made for a given corrosion area which can allow many more corrosion pits to be compared, yielding a larger sample set for a minimum number of excavations; it also allows the interaction among corrosion pits to be studied for examining burst pressure calculation accuracy.  From our studies we find the depth error for shallow corrosion 10%-20% wt deep is often not representative of deeper corrsion in the same pipeline, and the interaction criteria for ILI tools needs to be larger than the interaction criteria for in-ditch data.  Examples are shown where certain ILI runs require no excavations and others may require additional excavations than suggested by normal ILI data.