What you Need to Know About In-Service Welding


01/25/17 - 01/26/17    
All Day


Kiefner & Associates
4480 Bridgeway Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43219
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This training will address in-service welding onto gas and liquid pipelines under both typical and non-typical conditions. It describes the concerns, design implementation, inspection and testing of in-service welds with particular emphasis on regulation/compliance review, recommended practices and case studies. In addition to the lecture portion, the course is designed to enable participants to successfully run Hot Tap® weld cooling rate prediction software and interpret the results. The PRCI Hot Tap® software is applicable to pipelines that contain a variety of different pressurized gases or liquids. The first portion of the course provides participants with an understanding of the factors that contribute to burn-through or cracking. The second part of the course teaches participants the details of how to use and interpret the results of the program. Participants will also learn the highlights of various technical resources that supplement the Hot Tap® program to provide a more comprehensive body of technical information pertaining to welding onto operating pipelines.

Location: Kiefner & Associates 4480 Bridgeway ,Columbus, Ohio, 64219

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