Introducing Dr. Reza Mostofi, Ph.D. – Kiefner Fitness for Service Line Manager

We are pleased to introduce our new Fitness for Service Line Manager for Kiefner, Dr. Reza Mostofi, Ph.D., based out of our Columbus, Ohio office. As part of the Kiefner team, Dr. Mostofi will be responsible for leading and managing our Fitness for Service Line which focuses on integrity management planning, risk assessment, and regulatory support.

Dr. Mostofi brings more than 20 years of experience in the Engineering field including experience in Project Management, Fitness-for-Service, Risk Assessment, and Corrosion and Condition Monitoring for Onshore and Offshore projects both domestically and internationally. Prior to joining Kiefner, Dr. Mostofi worked for ABB Vetco Gray, Dril-Quip Inc., Technip USA, DeepSea US, DNV USA, and Amerapex.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mostofi has participated in a broad range of projects including Shell Appomattox HPHT well & riser systems design approval, SWRP capping stacks certification, PAI Cascade & Chinook Subsea FEED, Petronas material selection, corrosion prevention, and inspection testing manual for subsea applications, Husky SWRX subsea facilities design, GSP DLS gas pipeline FEED and installation, and Petrobras drilling riser systems FEED.

We welcome Dr. Mostofi to the team.

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