Failure Analysis

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Pipeline operators need to know the root causes of pipeline failures to avoid recurrences and to reduce risks to pipeline safety. A great amount of technical expertise is necessary to effectively examine a pipeline failure.

Our lab facility can accommodate full-length joints of pipe, as well as other materials and components.  Following agreed testing and examination protocols, affected materials receive thorough evaluation including material properties tests, fractography, and microscopic analysis. Our failure investigation specialists are well acquainted with every type of defect or condition known to cause failures in pipelines, including seam and weld defects, environmental cracking, corrosion mechanisms, mechanical damage, and other conditions.  We also consider  operational and environmental factors that could have contributed to a failure.  Specifically, we provide the following services.

  • A written report on the cause of the failure no more than 30 days after the materials and authorization are received
  • Investigative party service in failures investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board and/or Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration
  • In-the-field investigations of failures
  • Call us if the need arises; we respond on short notice.

With our state of the art equipment and facilities, our personnel will deliver very high quality failure analysis and welding consultation services.