Hydrostatic Test Planning

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Determining the most effective hydrostatic tests to run on your new or existing pipeline is not necessarily a simple task. The appropriate spike pressure, test section segmentation, and duration depend on the specific attributes of the pipe, design, intended operation, and history of the pipeline.

In addition to reviewing the specific characteristics of your pipeline, we will evaluate data from the mill where your pipe was manufactured and data from prior tests and the line’s service history, which can affect your hydrostatic testing plan.

At the end of our analysis, the hydrostatic testing report we provide will have the following deliverables:

  • Detailed schedule of hydrostatic testing to be done on your pipeline, including test pressures and durations
  • Determination of most effective test pressure of your existing pipeline for maximizing reassessment intervals while minimizing the potential for test failures
  • Calculation of remaining useful service life of your pipeline
  • Detailed analysis of causes of test failures, with detailed implications of how they will affect pipe lifetime

Pipeline operators who use our assistance with fitness for service evaluations can expect to have enhanced confidence in their pipeline hydrostatic testing programs.