Reassessment Intervals

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In the examination of in-service pipelines, the development of a strict schedule for re-examination is crucial. Pressure cycles lead to the growth of fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracks and other conditions, which could ultimately lead to pipeline failure.

Kiefner can determine the remaining lifetime and failure pressure of your pipeline, using sophisticated mathematical models, and our knowledge of pipeline system materials, design, and operation. Remaining lifetime and failure pressure are determined using established fracture mechanics principles and state of the art calculation procedures.

Based on the analysis done by our team of experienced experts, the following deliverables can be obtained.

  • Comparisons of your pressure cycle spectrum to benchmark cycles in our library, which are instrumental in determining the probability of failure due to fatigue crack growth.
  • Determination of practical re-assessment intervals for controlling the defect via hydrostatic testing or ILI/NDE tools.

Additionally, you may purchase our software and make your own fatigue-life calculations. We can provide training for use of the software.

Pipeline operators who use our assistance with fitness for service evaluations can expect to have enhanced confidence in their pipeline integrity management programs.