Regulatory Support

Oil and gas pipelines involved in interstate transportation are subject to stringent pipeline safety regulations under 49 CFR Part 192 and 49 CFR Part 195. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the US Department of Transportation is authorized to issue and enforce these regulations.  State regulators also apply Federal regulations with supplemental state requirements. Federal or state regulators may audit operators’ regular operating practices and integrity management plans.  Industry has also developed key safety standards and recommended practices which are incorporated by reference in regulations or company standards.

Our consulting experts are well versed on safety regulations in the pipeline industry. We can offer consultation services throughout the installation and operation of your pipeline to assure that your operation is in full compliance with applicable regulations, standards, and best practices.

Kiefner offers the following specific regulatory consultation services:

  • Develop engineering and field examination practices that could enable an operator to meet Integrity Verification Process (IVP) requirements.
  • Expert testimony in public hearings
  • Assist operators to self-audit or improve procedures in order to comply with integrity management regulations
  • Develop  return-to-service plans and other responses to corrective action orders following incidents.
  • Engineering support to justify alternative practices on technical grounds that demonstrate such alternatives are as safe as or safer than the standard requirement

Pipeline operators who use our assistance with fitness for service evaluations can expect to have enhanced confidence in their pipeline integrity management programs.