Risk Assessment and Hazard Studies

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Pipeline risk assessment is a vital part of pipeline integrity management. While numerous software packages are available to assess pipeline risk, pipeline operators often benefit from the assistance of outside risk assessment specialists when it comes to assessing risk in particular situations.

Specialists at Kiefner have worked with both individual pipeline operators and pipeline industry groups to create relative risk ranking models. One such model, the “NYGAS” model is available for purchase.

Specifically, Kiefner offers the following services.

  • Probabilistic assessments in particular situations using fault tree analysis and/or Monte Carlo simulations
  • Threat analyses for susceptibility to external corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, seam weld corrosion, pressure cycle induced fatigue, and other conditions that could threaten the pipeline’s integrity.
  • Consideration for site conditions, land use, and facility operation to understand the potential hazard or impact to a community.

Pipeline operators who use our assistance with fitness for service evaluations can expect to have enhanced confidence in their pipeline integrity management programs.