ILI Processes and Procedures

The optimal ILI tool technology must be selected for the expected integrity threats, based on tool technology, pipeline characteristics, and experience.  Procedures must be in place for selecting and qualifying the ILI vendor, and interpreting and responding to the results of the assessment.We offer support in the development of ILI Processes and Procedures, including:

Dig List Preparation

  • Interpretation of ILI data
  • Development of response criteria
  • Preparation of dig list reports
  • Reports include a step-by-step process on why certain digs have been identified and selected for response based on required digs from the various applicable codes, standards, and regulations, and industry standard best practices.

Repair Recommendations

  • Repair recommendations consider the type and severity of defect, conformity with codes and standards, and industry best practices.

Verification Dig Analysis Support

  • Verification dig analysis support includes creating and maintaining feature depth verification data obtained from verification digs using various statistical analyses to gain an understanding of the performance of an ILI tool.

General On-Going Support

General engineering support services include assistance with problems such as, but not limited to:

  • Consultation on ILI tool and vendor selection
  • ILI speed excursions
  • Probability of detection (POD) issues
  • ILI sizing inaccuracies
  • Burst pressure issues related to various methods of assessments

With over 20 years of experience, Kiefner has the expertise to support your In-line Inspection qualification needs.