Unique Anomaly Interpretation

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Sometimes an anomaly appears to be unique or  is located in a difficult to repair location.  Such anomalies require added scrutiny and careful evaluation before a decision to investigate it in the field can be made. Kiefner addresses many unique anomaly scenarios, including the following:

  • Denting and metal loss

Corrosion metal loss in a dent is usually not more damaging than similar corrosion in plain pipe, whereas metal loss caused by gouging is usually considered to be serious damage.

  • Corrosion on the seam:

ILI tools need to differentiate between crack‐like selective seam weld corrosion (SSWC) from conventional corrosion that just happens to encounter a low frequency ERW seam.

  • Wide area corrosion:

Some of the pits within a large corrosion area may not be detected or accurately sized, and failing to include these defects may underestimate the amount of missing metal when attempting to calculate a failure pressure using standard methods for evaluating the remaining strength of corroded pipe.

At Kiefner, we are developing methods to better interpret the ILI signals. The goal is to improve pipeline safety by identifying anomalies that could impact the integrity of the pipeline while more reliably dismissing non-critical anomalies.

With over 20 years of experience, Kiefner has the expertise to support your In-line Inspection qualification needs.