Corrosion Measurement Assessment

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The B31G and RSTRENG corrosion assessment methods are used by many pipeline operators for evaluating the structural integrity of pipelines that have sustained corrosion-caused metal loss. The theoretical basis for these criteria has existed for over 25 years. Through the financial and technical support of Pipeline Research Council International and several individual gas transmission companies, researchers have validated both of these assessment methods based on a series of full-scale burst tests of corroded pipes, pipes containing machined flaws, and service and hydrostatic test failures.

The workshop is designed for pipeline operator personnel who deal with the analysis of field measurements of corrosion, or whodeal with the analysis of in-line inspection results. A class size of up to 15 to 20 is recommended. The session is presented at a facility to be provided by the pipeline operator. An LCD projector is required when hosted in the workshop environment. Additionally, at least one computer for every 3-4 people in the workshop is recommended for hands-on use of the KAPA program.

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