Analysis of Mine Subsidence

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Some subsurface mining and mineral extraction processes result in collapse of overburden and development of subsidence basins or even sinkholes.  The deformation of subsurface strata can produce vertical displacements and horizontal soil strains at the ground surface.  Pipelines that intersect subsidence zones may be adversely affected by transfer of soil strains into the pipeline; critical strain levels may be exceeded resulting in pipe failure.  Special monitoring and mitigation measures are usually necessary.

Kiefner provides important consultation services pertaining to the degradation of the pipeline due to mine subsidence. We can accurately predict the effect of mine collapse with continued monitoring and service throughout the process. We attach strain gauges to affected pipelines, which can be monitored remotely throughout the consultation process, reducing the personnel requirements and costs.  Often it is possible to maintain the pipeline in continuous service with a properly designed monitoring and mitigation plan.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Stress analysis on pipeline near mine subsidence
  • Pipe-soil interaction analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Ground displacement profile predictions and monitoring
  • Subsidence monitoring and mitigation planning

Our thorough stress analysis consultation services will provide you with the most important stress information about your pipeline where you need the information most.