Engineering Critical Assessment

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Not all anomalies are equal, and should not be treated as such. Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) is a methodology to determine whether a defect or anomaly is fit for service based on fracture mechanics principles. It is widely used in pipeline design, construction, and operation. Three essential elements comprise an ECA: material property, flaw information, and applied stress.  ECA provides guidance for the pipeline maintenance and inspection prioritization.

Kiefner performs ECA analyses according to various standards, including API 1104, API 579, CSA Z662, and BS 7910. Failure mechanisms including brittle fracture, plastic collapse, ductile instability, and fatigue growth, are covered in the analysis.

Specifically, Kiefner offers the following critical assessment services:

  • Welding defect acceptance criteria calculated from API 1104 Annex A
  • Ductile tearing assessment
  • J-R test results

Our thorough stress analysis consultation services will provide you with the most important stress information about your pipeline where you need the information most.