Evaluations of Pipe Movement

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Ground movement can be caused by several   events including landslide, frost heave, mine subsidence, soil liquefaction, and seismic fault rupture.  Such events result in lateral or vertical displacement of the pipeline and transfer of soil strains to the pipe through friction at the pipe-soil interface.  In many cases, the stresses induced by soil movement can  lead to pipeline failure due to buckling or girth weld separation.  Corrosion or environmental cracking could be enabled by coating damage from soil stresses.

Kiefner offers high quality pipe integrity assessment from our analysis of ground movement and pipe movement.  We can effectively determine the appropriate stress level that can be present within the pipeline in order to maintain safe operation.  We equip pipelines with strain gauges, which can be operated remotely throughout the consultation process, reducing the personnel requirements and costs.

We offer the following specific services with regards to pipe movement within the ground:

  • Soil/pipe interaction analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Ground settlement analysis due to consolidation

Our thorough stress analysis consultation services will provide you with the most important stress information about your pipeline where you need the information most.