Kiefner & Associates Inc.

About Us


About Us

Engineering Excellence Redefined

Kiefner is a leading engineering and technical services provider, delivering technical assurance through specialized consulting services. Serving the capital-intense, high-risk energy, utility, and infrastructure industries, Applus+ Kiefner delivers the highest quality service through highly qualified specialist staff

Empowered Expertise: Our Dedicated Team at Kiefner

Kiefner are our people; our highly trained employees have a strong sense of responsibility and thrive on the challenge to provide our technical expertise to our clients to help keep their pipeline systems safe and reliable.

Across the industrial spectrum, Applus+ Kiefner focuses on delivering technical excellence. We have industry-leading experience and expertise in project management for the transmission pipeline industry.

Integrity is vital to the future of these global industries and our objective is to ensure that assets are safe at all levels of operation by delivering the highest level of technical assurance at any stage.

Kiefner aims to set the global standard in technical excellence and operational safety.

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