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AC Interference Mitigation Engineering Services By Kiefner

Alternating Current (AC) interference on gas and liquid pipelines can pose significant safety risks and potentially accelerate the corrosion process. The presence of AC in close proximity to pipelines, mainly from overhead power lines or adjacent electrified rail systems, can adversely affect the pipeline’s integrity and the safety of its surroundings. With a rich history of expertise, Kiefner is at the forefront of providing specialized engineering services to address AC interference concerns for pipeline operators.

  1. AC Interference Risk Assessment:
    • Kiefner conducts comprehensive evaluations of pipeline routes, identifying areas of potential AC interference. By using advanced measurement tools and simulations, we accurately pinpoint and quantify the extent of AC interference and its potential risks.
  2. Design and Optimization of Mitigation Systems:
    • Based on the identified risk zones, Kiefner’s team designs mitigation measures, such as gradient control mats, grounding systems, or zinc ribbon anodes. These designs are tailored to the specific requirements of each pipeline and are optimized for maximum efficiency.
  3. Monitoring Systems Implementation:
    • Continuous monitoring of AC levels is crucial. Kiefner integrates advanced AC monitoring systems that provide real-time data, allowing pipeline operators to promptly respond to any abnormal spikes in AC levels.
  4. Safety Protocols and Trainings:
    • To ensure the safety of field personnel and communities in proximity to pipelines, Kiefner offers training sessions and workshops. These sessions equip individuals with knowledge about AC interference dangers and safe operating procedures.
  5. Modeling and Simulations:
    • Leveraging sophisticated software tools, Kiefner models the interaction between AC sources and pipelines. These simulations offer insights into potential interference issues and provide a roadmap for effective mitigation strategies.
  6. Integration with Cathodic Protection Systems:
    • AC interference can compromise the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems. Kiefner ensures that AC mitigation measures harmoniously work in tandem with existing cathodic protection systems, ensuring a holistic approach to pipeline protection.
  7. Regulatory Compliance Assistance:
    • Keeping abreast with industry regulations is essential. Kiefner guides pipeline operators through the intricate regulatory landscape, ensuring that all AC interference mitigation measures are compliant with industry standards and guidelines.
  8. Periodic Reviews and Maintenance:
    • As infrastructure and environments change, AC interference dynamics can also evolve. Kiefner offers periodic review services to reassess and recalibrate mitigation strategies, ensuring sustained protection against AC interference.

With a specialized focus on the complexities of AC interference and its implications on gas and liquid pipelines, Kiefner stands as a beacon of excellence in providing engineering solutions that are both effective and forward-thinking. Partnering with Kiefner equips pipeline operators with the expertise and tools needed to safeguard their assets, protect personnel, and fulfill their commitment to operational excellence.

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