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Benny Mumme

I am a NACE certified Corrosion Specialist #3742. I have forty-two years of experience in oil and gas pipeline and station integrity, corrosion control, operations, and construction. I have conducted numerous Integrity assessments, ILI, ECDA, cathodic protection and close interval survey projects. I have developed, implemented and managed several internal corrosion programs.

I have developed pipeline risk models and performed numerous integrity assessments for stations, pipeline and water crossing along with the selection of effective inspection techniques. I have developed and implemented dead leg programs.

I have managed above ground storage tank inspection programs and have experience in tank design to mitigate internal and external corrosion. I have developed and managed waterway crossing inspection programs. I have been a technical lead on the development of many API documents such as API 1160, 1188, 1176 and 1133.

Benny Mumme

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