Kiefner & Associates Inc.

Investigate Pipeline And Equipment Failures?

Are you searching for a trusted service provider to investigate pipeline and equipment failures? Do you need traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) materials records per 49 CFR 192.607?

Kiefner has a state-of-the-art materials analysis laboratory capable of extensive mechanical, metallographic, and corrosion testing for the Oil & Gas and process industries. We provide expertise in pipelines, pressure vessels, and associated equipment, such as valves, rotating shafts, flanges, bearings, and threaded connections.

  • Complete Material Test Reports (MTRs)
  •  Fractography and metallography
  • Tensile, hardness, and toughness testing
  • Chemical deposit analysis (solid or liquid)
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Full-scale burst testing for seam and anomaly evaluation
  • Fracture mechanics analysis

Contact Amy Fotenos, our Director of Business Development, to learn more about how Kiefner can solve your problems.

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