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KAPA (Kiefner and Associates Pipe Assessment) Workshop – Kiefner Training

Course Overview:

KAPA, representing Kiefner and Associates Pipe Assessment, is an integral tool for understanding and calculating the remaining strength of pipes with defects. Developed and maintained by Kiefner, KAPA leverages established, publicly available equations for comprehensive pipeline integrity assessments.

Deep Dive into KAPA:

  • Historical Perspective: Understand the development and theoretical foundation of ASME B31G.
  • Validation through Testing: Acknowledge how KAPA’s assessment methods have been validated through rigorous full-scale burst tests on various pipe conditions.
  • KAPA Spreadsheet Demonstration: Familiarize yourself with the KAPA tool and its functionalities, available for hands-on download and exploration.
  • Intended Audience: This workshop is specifically designed for pipeline personnel who manage field corrosion measurements or analyze in-line inspection results.

Workshop Structure:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in detailed demonstrations and discussions about the theory and practical application of KAPA.
  • Hands-on Learning: Equip yourself with practical skills by navigating the KAPA spreadsheet in real-time, optimizing your learning experience.
  • Venue & Equipment: Sessions are hosted at a facility provided by the pipeline operator. LCD projector and computer access for participants are essential for the effective delivery of the workshop.
  • Optimal Group Size: For effective learning and hands-on experience, a group size of 15 to 20 participants is ideal.

Why This Course?

  • Practical Skills: Arm yourself with tangible skills to analyze and interpret data from the KAPA program.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Dive deep into the principles behind KAPA’s development and validation to make informed decisions in the field.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kiefner’s extensive experience and expertise in pipeline assessment and integrity.

Reach out to Kiefner for detailed information on how the KAPA workshop can elevate your pipeline integrity management skills and practices.

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