Kiefner & Associates Inc.

Precision in Monitoring: Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Services

The Pillars of Structural Safety:
Ensuring structural integrity during both construction and the structure’s lifespan is paramount. Kiefner offers holistic structure and infrastructure monitoring, which encompasses real-time assessments and oversight of foundational and structural elements.

Kiefner’s Unyielding Vigilance:
Kiefner goes beyond conventional methods, offering clients 24/7 monitoring, managed by adept technicians. We stand guard, ensuring every work aligns with project requisites:

  • Crafting bespoke geotechnical monitoring instruments.
  • Provisioning advanced instrumentation.
  • Meticulous installation and maintenance of instrumentation.
  • Harnessing the power of SIGTUN, our proprietary geotechnical monitoring platform. It’s more than just a tool – SIGTUN diligently keeps tabs on project’s field performance, integrating digital cartography and precise instrumentation locations.

Across the Infrastructure Spectrum:
Catering to a wide clientele from civil engineering fraternities to public and private infrastructure establishments, Kiefner’s services are versatile. With advanced geotechnical scrutiny, we’re adept at monitoring potential structural vulnerabilities in various domains:

  • Tunnels
  • Railway underpasses
  • Track settlements
  • Embankment disruptions
  • Overpasses, viaducts, and foundational supports

Tangible Advantages with Kiefner:
Geotechnical Instrumentation isn’t just about data collection; it’s about risk mitigation. With Kiefner, clients find a reliable partner both during construction and the subsequent operational phase. As a comprehensive geotechnical steward, Kiefner’s encompassing services promise efficient project management, translating to tangible cost benefits for clients.

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