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Real-time Stress and Strain Monitoring at Kiefner and Associates, Inc.

Direct Measurement of Strain

Monitoring and understanding the intricate strain patterns in pipelines is crucial for their integrity and safety. With Kiefner’s advanced vibrating wire strain gauges mounted directly onto the pipeline, we have crafted a state-of-the-art data collection system. This system is adept at transmitting strain values to a user-friendly dashboard at predetermined intervals, enabling clients to be instantly alerted of ground shifts resulting from seismic activities or subsidence, commonly witnessed in scenarios like long wall mining.

  • Distance Calculation: At the inception of the project, our experts employ a beam model approach, taking into account known pipe properties, to meticulously calculate the optimum distance between sensors.
  • Threshold Setting: Kiefner seamlessly collaborates with your operations and engineering teams. Our objective is to evaluate historical data, ensuring that informed threshold alarms are put in place for proactive monitoring.

The Kiefner Development Approach

Our technique is innovative and accurate. By measuring strain at three pivotal locations around the pipe, we have the capability to deduce the stress within the pipe at any given moment. Furthermore, factoring in assumptions based on the installation season and the geographical specifics, residual stress values can be precisely accounted for.

Stay Updated with Our Real-time Dashboard

Gone are the days of unwelcome surprises pertaining to physical alterations in your system. Our real-time dashboard is designed for immediate updates. Not only does it offer visual insights, but it also automates email alerts when pre-set thresholds are crossed, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

With Kiefner by your side, leverage the power of cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring that your pipeline systems are monitored, safe, and reliable. Reach out to us today for an advanced approach to stress and strain monitoring.

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