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Remaining Life Analysis – Kiefner Training

Course Overview:

The Remaining Life Analysis course provides a comprehensive understanding of the evaluation and assessment of the expected operational lifetime of pipelines, specifically focusing on the management of corrosion and crack defects. With a robust curriculum, this course ensures that participants are well-versed with the methodologies and approaches essential for the accurate analysis of pipeline defects, their growth rates, and their implications on pipeline longevity.

Core Learning Objectives:

  • Corrosion Growth Rates:
    • Learn about the methods employed to determine the growth rates of corrosion on pipelines.
  • Regulatory Requirements:
    • Understand the stipulations outlined in 49 CFR 192.939, API 1160, and ASME B31.8S that govern pipeline integrity assessments.
  • Fracture Mechanics & Failure Analysis:
    • Delve into the basics of fracture mechanics to compute failure pressures and fatigue assessments.
  • Defect Exceedance Probability:
    • Explore methods to determine the likelihood of exceeding specified corrosion defect thresholds.
  • Stress Corrosion Analysis:
    • Study the growth rates of stress corrosion cracking and the associated risks.
  • Fatigue & Pressure Dynamics:
    • Engage with detailed discussions on fatigue, pressure cycling analyses, and rainflow analysis of pressure spectrums.
  • Flaw Detection and Measurement:
    • Learn about Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques for flaw sizing and their importance in predicting future growth.
  • ERW Seams & Crack Growth:
    • Understand the intricacies of fatigue crack growth in Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) seams.
  • Pressure Testing & Flaw Analysis:
    • Get insights into the use of pressure testing to ascertain the size of the largest remaining flaw in pipelines.

Why Enroll in This Course?

  • In-depth Understanding: Gain a comprehensive grasp of the technical and practical aspects of remaining life analysis in pipelines.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Equip yourself with tools and knowledge to make data-backed decisions concerning pipeline integrity and lifespan.
  • Expert Guidance: Leverage Kiefner’s vast expertise and experience in pipeline integrity and life assessment for a holistic learning experience.

For more information about the curriculum and to explore enrollment options, please contact Kiefner Technical Training.

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