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Root Cause Analysis at Kiefner and Associates, Inc.

Understanding the Causes for Unplanned Releases

Unplanned releases in pipeline systems can have a myriad of underlying causes. Investigating these causes is paramount to ascertain whether the condition is an isolated incident or indicative of a potential widespread issue. The insights derived from a failure analysis can serve as a foundation for implementing further mitigative strategies, ensuring the integrity and safety of the entire system.

Kiefner’s Comprehensive Approach to Failure Analysis

Additionally, we recognize the urgency that sometimes accompanies these situations. As such, we’re equipped to conduct in-the-field investigations swiftly, responding promptly when time is of the essence.

Recognition by Industry Leaders

Our reputation in the field of root cause analysis has garnered the attention and respect of key industry bodies. The National Transportation Safety Board and the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) are well-acquainted with the caliber of our work. If a company finds itself under investigation, Kiefner is well-positioned to act as a qualified independent examination and testing laboratory, providing objective and trusted results.

Turn to Kiefner and Associates, Inc. for a comprehensive, reliable, and swift root cause analysis. Our expertise and commitment to accuracy ensure that you receive insights that are both actionable and trustworthy. Connect with us today to ensure the safety and integrity of your pipeline systems.

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