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Craig Chaney

Mr. Chaney is a metallurgical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the energy industry conducting a wide range of failure analyses, material selection, structural mechanics, corrosion studies and corrosion mitigation projects. Over the last 22 years, he has worked on integrating his engineering expertise to assist oil and gas operators with the compliance of federal integrity management rules. He was an early developer of pipeline integrity management plans, external direct assessment, and internal direct assessment procedures. The frameworks laid out in these programs are still widely used today in pipeline integrity management programs.

Recently he has been focused on assisting operators in risk and probabilistic analyses in determining if a pipeline really does have a viable threat and the defensible cost effective mitigation measures to be taken. These analyses integrate a plethora of pipeline integrity data that the operator has collected over the last couple of decades. The data from ILI, hydrostatic tests, direct examinations, and laboratory studies are statistically integrated to determine the probability of rupture over time. These probabilities are then useful in determining the type and timing of subsequent integrity activities.

Craig Chaney
Director of Programs

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