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Michiel Brongers, PE, PMP, Fellow ASME

Mr. Brongers has more than 25 years of professional experience in materials and corrosion engineering, asset integrity management, failure investigations, metallurgical forensic analyses, fitness-for-service reviews, and engineering critical assessments. 

Major clients served include pipelines, chemical and petrochemical process, oil & gas, power generation, and manufacturing companies.  He holds a Masters degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Delft University in The Netherlands. 

Mr. Brongers is a licensed professional engineer (PE), PMI-certified project management professional (PMP), and a NACE-certified materials selection and design specialist.  His work has concentrated on the life extension of aging facilities and pipelines, and root cause analysis of failures and failed engineering equipment and systems. 

Mr. Brongers is a member of ASM, ASTM, AMPP, PMI, and a fellow of ASME.  He is an active participant in the development of Codes and Standards through technical committees, including ASTM E01 Fatigue and Fracture, ASTM G01 Corrosion of Metals, the ASME materials and fabrication (M&F) committee of the Pressure Vessels and Piping (PVP) Technical Division, and AMPP SC-06 Process Industries, SC-08 Metallic Material Selection & Testing, SC-10 Asset Integrity, SC-11 Electric Utility Generation Transmission and Distribution, SC-15 Pipelines and Tanks, and SC-16 Oil and Gas Downstream.

Michiel Brongers, PE, PMP, Fellow ASME
Principal Engineer

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