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Tristan MacLeod

Tristan is a dedicated engineer at Kiefner and Associates, Inc., having been a valuable team member since 2019. His academic journey began at Iowa State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in 2011.

Tristan’s professional career kicked off in 2012 at Applus RTD, where he honed his skills as a field engineer specializing in pipeline integrity field evaluations. During his seven-year tenure at Applus, he played a pivotal role in evaluating and overseeing the remediation of a wide range of pipeline defects.

His expertise was further solidified by earning ASNT Level 2 certifications in magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and phased array ultrasonic testing, alongside a PCN Level 2 certification in phased array ultrasonic testing.

Joining Kiefner in 2019, Tristan expanded his scope of work to encompass diverse areas such as ILI validation, material verification programs, pressure cycle fatigue analysis, and software development.

His current focus is predominantly on cyclic fatigue analysis of liquid and gas transmission pipelines and the development of innovative burst pressure analysis tools. Additionally, Tristan is actively involved in integrating machine learning applications into pipeline integrity, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field with cutting-edge technology.

His multifaceted expertise and continuous pursuit of innovation make him an asset to Kiefner and Associates, Inc.

Tristan MacLeod
Engineer II

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