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Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics – Analysis

Pipeline Safety Amidst Defects

Pipelines, even with the presence of corrosion defects and cracks, can operate safely. The critical task for operators is to distinguish between safe defects and those necessitating repair. We employ fundamental, regulatory-approved methods to determine the remaining strength of pipes affected by corrosion and cracking.

Understanding Fatigue Failure

Fatigue failure arises when a material experiences cyclic loading, meaning it undergoes repeated loading and unloading.

The Importance of Re-examination

For in-service pipelines, implementing a rigorous re-examination schedule is paramount. Pressure cycles can exacerbate fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracks, and other detrimental conditions, potentially leading to a pipeline’s failure.

Our Expertise at Kiefner and Associates, Inc.

Our team can accurately assess the remaining lifetime and potential failure pressure of your pipeline. We employ advanced mathematical models in tandem with our comprehensive understanding of pipeline system materials, design, and operation. Our evaluations are grounded in established fracture mechanics principles and cutting-edge calculation methods.

Valuable Deliverables for Operators

With our expert analysis, operators can benefit from:

  • Benchmark Comparisons: We compare your pressure cycle spectrum to benchmark cycles in our extensive library, essential for determining the failure probability due to fatigue crack growth.
  • Re-assessment Intervals: We provide recommendations for practical intervals to periodically check the defect using hydrostatic testing or ILI/NDE tools.

Moreover, we offer our state-of-the-art software for purchase, allowing you to conduct your own fatigue-life calculations. Training sessions for effective software utilization are also available.

Elevated Confidence in Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline operators collaborating with Kiefner and Associates, Inc. for fitness-for-service evaluations can look forward to a bolstered confidence in the robustness of their pipeline integrity management programs.

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