Kiefner & Associates Inc.

Kiefner Leads the Way for the Evaluation of High Risk Pipeline Systems

Cast and ductile iron pipes are recognized by The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) as among the highest risk pipes still in use. To address the unsafe nature of these pipes, the PHSMA issued “A Call to Action” to federal, state, and local regulators to consider utility programs for the accelerated replacement of these materials. Applus+, through its commercial brand, Kiefner and Associates, Inc., answered this call in collaboration with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The resulting project evaluated the cast iron and ductile iron pipeline system supplying much of the City of Chicago. 

Kiefner’s experts were able to apply the latest advancements in data analytics, structural analysis, and risk management to evaluate the remaining life of the high risk iron pipes. Their study consisted of three parallel assessments: corrosion, structural analysis, and risk.  The final report demonstrating Kiefner’s capabilities is available for download on the Illinois Commerce Commission’s website

The completion of this project represents the first known empirical evaluation of a system of this kind. Kiefner’s models and methodologies can now be applied to similar challenges other utility companies are facing. Their significant contribution through this study supports Kiefner’s emphasis on shared, non-confidential information and overarching objective of ensuring public safety and welfare.

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