Kiefner & Associates Inc.

Kiefner Leads the Way for the Evaluation of High-Risk Pipeline Systems

Kiefner and Associates, Inc., successfully completed several rounds of public testimony before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) seeking to gain approval for an independent engineering report based on their efforts in the City of Chicago. The report assessed the integrity and remaining lifespan of Chicago’s cast iron and ductile iron pipe system operated by People’s Gas and Light (PGL). Spanning nearly 13 months, the independent engineering study was one of Kiefner’s most complex efforts and was classified by activist groups as “the first empirical study conducted on PGL’s Cast Iron and Ductile Iron assets.”  The PGL cast iron and ductile iron system is one of the oldest and largest in the United States, with the installation of some segments dating back to the 1860s.  The report’s findings were summarized in the September 30th edition of Pipeline and Gas Journal as, An extensive independent study that found the People’s Gas program to replace aging natural gas pipes will increase public and customer safety.” The article further highlights the report’s success stating, “The approval came after nine months of staff review and input from customer advocates and environmental groups [….] The study by Kiefner and Associates,[…], found that more than 80% of the iron pipes in the People’s Gas delivery system have an average remaining life of less than 15 years.”  As a result of Kiefner’s findings, the PHMSA has issued a “Call to Action” for all remaining cast iron and ductile iron pipe systems in the city to be replaced as each poses unique hazards to the long-term safe operation of these assets.  With the successful completion of this project, Kiefner has gone Beyond Standards and is now the leading global provider for engineering assessments of cast iron and ductile iron pipeline systems.

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