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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Stress Analysis

GIS and the Petroleum Sector

Kiefner and Associates, Inc. harnesses the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to meticulously map and monitor every petroleum-related asset. This encompasses pipelines, fittings, tank farms, cogen plants, and more. Utilizing the revered ESRI software, our data is meticulously maintained and updated. Collected data is accessible via our InSite application, directly transferred to clients, or offered as a hybrid solution. Precision is key: our GPS Technicians, trained and certified, use Trimble GEO units for accuracy up to a foot. Since 2007, Kiefner’s GIS endeavors have set industry benchmarks.

Kiefner’s GIS Edge

Clients partnering with Kiefner enjoy multiple GIS-related benefits:

  • Customization: Tailored web solutions, integration with InSite, and assistance in GIS data linkage with other databases for augmented utility.
  • Quality Assurance: Our internal GPS certification and collaboration between in-house GIS staff and GPS technicians ensure unparalleled data quality.
  • Efficient Management: Robust GIS processes and workflows enable a streamlined team to handle vast data. Plus, our work with ESRI’s latest JavaScript tools offers a dynamic 3D GIS data view within web browsers.

Expansive Applications of GIS

While most of our GIS projects document existing assets, we also extend our expertise to map construction ventures, easements, and to optimize pipeline routes. Additionally, GIS finds profound implications in environmental regulation and compliance. Our forward vision encompasses increased DOT pipeline/road construction initiatives.

Why GIS Mapping with Kiefner is Beneficial

  • Asset Awareness: Comprehensive understanding of present assets.
  • Strategic Planning: Better plotting of new pipeline routes, tunnels, and roads, considering the proximity to sensitive areas.
  • Data Integration: Seamless linking of GIS data with external databases illuminates the intricate correlations between diverse business facets.
  • Browser-based Access: Convenient and secure access to GIS data via browsers.
  • Efficiency: Cost savings via streamlined operations.
  • Informed Decisions: Data-backed decision-making for enhanced outcomes.
  • Clear Communication: GIS fosters improved clarity in asset-based dialogues.
  • Geographic Asset Management: Large enterprises can geographically oversee and administer assets.

Choose Kiefner for precision-driven, comprehensive GIS solutions that empower businesses to strategize, decide, and execute with unmatched clarity and confidence.

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