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Welding Procedures by Kiefner

Welding remains an integral method for joining metals, necessitating comprehensive procedures before its execution. The intricate balance between meeting recognized welding codes like ASME, AWS, or CSA, and achieving optimal weld properties for the specific metals in use demands both a scientific and experienced approach.

Kiefner, being at the forefront of this industry, offers specialized services to ensure that welding procedures not only meet statutory and client stipulations but also set benchmarks in terms of quality and efficiency.

Our Key Services Include:

  • Welding Procedure Development and Testing: We rigorously evaluate each welding procedure for adequacy and safety. Our team of expert welding engineers can also assist clients in formulating procedures if they lack in-house resources.
  • Welder Competency Assessment: Post procedure approval, we test the competency of welders to ensure their capabilities align with the procedure’s specifications.
  • Materials Certification and Inspection: We offer onsite inspection during manufacturing, continuous surveillance, and detailed inspections. All certifications are as per BSEN standards, with 3.2 certificates as defined in EN 10204.
  • Traceability and Authentication: We help clients ensure material traceability. For materials lacking this, we offer authentication at recognized laboratories and supervise material transfers.
  • Third-Party Review: For buyers seeking a third-party review of welding documentation, we ensure compliance with specifications and regulatory norms.

Why Choose Kiefner?

  • Experience and Expertise: We have extensive experience with international welding standards, including AWS, CSA, ASME, and ISO.
  • In-House Facilities: Our facilities cater to welder testing and materials testing, ensuring a holistic approach to quality assurance.
  • Certified Engineers: Our team comprises IWE certified International Welding Engineers, maintaining a high benchmark for quality and expertise.
  • Comprehensive Programs: Our programs encompass welding procedures, testing, welder training, mechanical laboratory testing, and quality audits.

The need for rigorous, well-documented, and high-quality welding procedures is paramount in any fabrication setup. Kiefner’s dedicated services ensure that welding operations are not just compliant but optimized for efficiency, safety, and durability. Through our comprehensive programs and deep-seated expertise, we foster confidence, quality, and productivity in every welding venture.

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